Marine compressors

Full pressure ahead

Even on the high seas, our comprehensive range of rotary screw compressors and rotary screw blowers meet all of your compressed air requirements. Matched to your specific circumstances, we have the right solution for every application on every ship. 

ESD series marine rotary screw compressors from Kaeser Kompressoren.
ESD marine rotary screw compressors (flow rate 1,420 – 3,030 m³/h; working pressure up to 14 bar)

Our extensive product range covers the needs of almost any application. No matter whether for bulk material transport, nitrogen supply or wastewater treatment, with KAESER you always have a dependable partner at your side.

Screw compressors specifically designed for marine compressed air use.
SK, ASK and SX marine rotary screw compressors (flow rate 15 – 241 m³/h; working pressure up to 15 bar)

KAESER marine products are certified by all of the marine classification societies and are valued as much for their reliability as their energy efficiency and long service life.

Rotary lobe blower from Kaeser Kompressoren for use on ships.
Rotary lobe blowers (flow rate up to 9.000 m³/h; working pressure up to 1000 mbar)

Your advantages

  • Tailored solutions
    We always provide an individually tailored system solution for your exact needs.
  • Fast service
    Global service network, centrally co-ordinated from Coburg. If required, qualified KAESER service specialists are immediately available at the next port of call.
  • Space-saving design
    Since space on-board ships is at a premium, our marine compressors are designed to be as compact as possible and to provide excellent accessibility.
Working air
Kaeser Kompressoren offers a large range of specifically designed compressors for your working air.

Working air is required on every ship under the harshest conditions. With the standard working air range of 15 – 750 m³/h Kaeser has the solution for every requirement. As option it can be provided with integrated refrigeration dryer and frequency control. Marine certification is of course possible according to all classification companies.

Starting air
Compressed air power with minimal space requirement.

The combination of power, safety and durability makes our starting air compressors the ideal choice to provide starting air for marine engines. The 2- or 3-stage compressors require very little maintenance and inspection effort in order to assure reliable and trouble- free operation. Modular equipment design, together with minimal space requirement, maximum efficiency and exceptional quality, further help to meet the high demands of industrial shipping and marine applications.

Control Air
Kaeser Kompressoren offers blower air for wastewater treatment systems on large cruise ships.

Control air is required on every ship, to operate valves or any other pneumatic control devices. Depending on the vessel´s type and size, the relevant compressor sizes are 15 - 45 kW. For the relatively high level of air quality required, Kaeser can offer on top of the well dimensioned compressor all air treatment components, e.g. desiccant dryers, filters etc.

Nitrogen generation
Kaeser Kompressors delivers the compressed air necessary for nitrogen generation.

Reliable support for your nitrogen generation.
KAESER rotary screw compressors are compact, ready to-run powerhouses. An optional variable speed drive with infinitely variable speed control provides additional flexibility and maintains consistent pressure. A quality refrigeration dryer delivers the dried compressed air necessary for nitrogen generation.