Trial practical work placement

Take an inside look at our company!

We offer a one-week trial practical work placement for pupils from all school levels.

You can choose between a business-technical placement in the fields of electrical/electronics engineering, metal work, or drafting, or purely focus on business.

The work placement is intended to provide an insight into the professional world. It will allow you to discern whether you have a talent for the areas of work you encounter and to help you find employment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.


Teacher Visits Please make an appointment with the manager responsible for the specific field of interest:

Electrical/electronics engineering: Matthias Ruck (Tel.: +49 (0)9561/640-5657)

Metal work: Simon Kretschmer (Tel.: +49 (0)9561/640-5806)

Drafting: Thomas Gerber (Tel.: +49 (0)9561/640-604)

Business: Linda Rothaug (Tel.: +49 (0)9561/640-5645)


Please send (e-mail only) your application to these site contacts:

Coburg: Linda Rušnjak,, Tel.: 09561 640-0

Gera: Kai Meister,, Tel.: 0365 4351-0



Time period



Upon request



Upon request